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Certified GreenWe are part of the Certified Green Dealer Progam. Our employees undergo training in several different aspects of green building and associated products.


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Cabinets and Mill work

Galehouse Custom Cabinets and Mill work specializes in full-service design with both unique, handmade craftsmanship and ready-made cabinets. Whether remodeling an existing home or starting from the ground-up, we seek to meet your style and budget.


Why Galehouse?

Our positive reputation for providing the finest quality cabinetry since 1965 is a result of our excellent craftsmanship and customer service. From the door style to the finish, we make our own cabinets in Doylestown, OH.

Our craftsmanship and your design combine to transform your home.

  • We strive for personalized customer satisfaction each year with our high quality work.
  • We have experience in all phases of construction.
  • We have strong, long-term relationships with many suppliers who believe in the same customer satisfaction.
  • We are knowledgeable with extensive product lines.
  • Our expert staff will meet with you and your clients, designers, and contractors upon request.
  • We offer a wide range of cabinet brands and our high-quality custom line is a notch above the rest.
  • You can visit our show room in Doylestown to see the different style options available for the cabinets of your dreams.

What can Galehouse do for you?

Galehouse focuses on taking care of a small part of or the entire project from beginning though completion. We bring insights from more than forty-five years of industry experience.

To help you find the cabinets of your dreams, we specialize in the following:

Elite, unlimited custom design options – We build custom cabinetry to fit your space and needs.

Custom finishes – With our outstanding finish options, we match existing trim or furniture, in addition to presenting additional options for that perfect look.

Unique materials – We can work in almost any species and type of material for that one of a kind look that discriminating customers desire.

Combined pre-built cabinet lines and custom – Depending on your needs and budget, our cabinetry experts will mix and match pre-built cabinets with custom specialty items for a unified theme throughout your project without the completely custom price tag.


We offer full countertop service, from repairing a damaged one to full countertop replacement. We also have hundreds of countertop colors and styles!

Along with all the different styles, we have a wide variety of Eco-friendly materials available. Start your green efforts by using materials like paper or glass composite, concrete, bamboo, stone, wood, or even stainless steel to choose from.

Stop in and take a look at our show room. See for yourself all we offer.

Commercial Mill work

Galehouse Commercial Mill work combines state of the art technology with expert craftsmanship to meet your restaurant, office building, store, or other industrial improvement aspirations. Whether your project is large or small, we are here to satisfy our customers.

With a variety of specialty materials, stone, glass, acrylic, and other components, our highly experienced staff focuses on developing and creating almost any object to meet your design specification.

Our extensive project options include:

Desks – Custom built with any size, type, or configuration.

Cabinetry – Unique custom cabinetry which fulfill the needs from medical facilities to CEO offices.

Commercial fixtures – Custom built fixtures to fit almost any store type.

Fixtures - Many options available to meet a large variety of requirements.

Our Residential Cabinet Products

We build and design our own Cabinets and we also feature ready-made products from the following quality manufacturers.


Please contact us with any questions you may have.